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Esthetic Dentistry


There are various possibilities to bleach stained teeth. Internal Bleaching is done at the non-vital part of teeth, from the inside. External Bleaching is done on the surface of healthy teeth. The bleaching can either be done at the practice or at home. If done at the practice, a protection of the gum is being used with a spandex rubber. 

With the use of BriteSmile, teeth will be approximately 8 to 9 shades whiter than before the treatment. BriteSmile is one of the soft bleaching methods, in the area of Power Bleaching. Studies promise, that the enamel will not be damaged.

The treatment takes about an hour and your teeth will shine in the natural white you want them to be. Additionaly, you can treat your bright teeth with the BriteSmile dental products.


Veneers and Lumineers


Veneers are thin, teeth-colored ceramic shells, that are being glued to the front side of the teeth. Indications are enamel damages and fractures, stains, dental deformity and optimization of the tooth position, i.e. closing of the gap between the frontal teeth. The visible surface of the teeth will be very-thinly grinded, with only a minimum of substance getting lost. Lumineers are veneers, that are being glued to the teeth without preparation.

Wether veneers or lumineers are being used, depends on the kind of correction, the tooth-position and the goal that ultimately wants to be achieved, it therefore has to be decided individually.


Metal-ceramic crowns and zircon crowns (ceramic)

The term metal-ceramic crowns (known as VMK in german) is being used for crowns and bridges, made of metal, which is being sealed with ceramic.

With zircon crowns (a tooth-replacement material, solemly made of ceramic, which is also used in the NASA and in prosthtetics), outstanding result are achieved in terms of dental aesthetics, mainly because zircon is well-tolerated by the tissue, in comparison to other materials. Crowns are being used when the tooth is weakened by caries, endodontic treatment or split-off.



Gum corrections (Pink Aesthetic)


The gum can be hurt due to wrong cleaning techniques or even diminish due to periodontal illnesses. Recession and exposed dental necks are the consequences. With the help of minimally invasive procedures, such as recession covers using tissue transplant, the aesthetic can be upheld and amended. The various techniques of recession covers are individual from case to case. In the case of too much gum (Gummy Smile), the exessive gum can be removed with the use of a special laser and a natural, harmonic flow of the gum can be achieved.




Dental Replacements

Crowns for single teeth

If a tooth is strongly damaged and can no longer be prevailed, it needs crowning. The classic crown encases the whole tooth, a partial crown covers only a part of the tooth. Crowns are made of a metal framework and are sealed with tooth coloured ceramic or made completely out of ceramic. Ceramic crowns are mainly used for aethetic purposes.

Bridges for the correction of dental gaps

To close a dental gap, two abutment teeth are needed, which are being prepared to hold the retainers (crowns). The gap is being closed by using an interlink, which is attached to the retainers. An alternative to the use of bridges are implants.

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